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our story

The seed for L'affaire was sown in 1980 with the nurturing guidance and inspiration of Paulji (Satya Paul). From then on it began sprouting and flowering in myriad colors of love and grace.


a dance of creation

If we were to put down dates and days, it’s been over three decades since L’affaire began this lyrical journey, this evergreen romance with textiles, this expression of our deepest spiritual longings through looms, threads, prints and ink. With each creation L’affaire felt renewed inspired at every step to continue this journey of light and color, form and texture, silk and songs.


a dance of imagination

At L’affaire, dressing becomes a medium to connect the individual to the Universal, to connect through silken threads, the light in one’s heart to the light of the Sun


a dance of life

It has been a non stop celebration of grace and a deep respect for Indian textile heritage. The confluence of traditional and contemporary. The inspiration that holds everything together is the source, arising from the source and yearning to return to it.

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about us

L'affaire rejoices in the historic indian textile traditions while bringing them along a contemporary journey of design and material. Ancient methods of production from hand looms to wood block printing to embroidery and embellishment, flourish alongside modern methods and motifs. That is why the appeal ranges from the classical to modern. There is an inspiring amalgamation of the East and the West, of the past and the present, of the loom and the digital of the individual and the Universal.